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Catch a rising star: San Diego's Leave The Universe shimmers and delivers

Dynamic lead singer Crystal Douesnard Of San Diego based band Leave The Universe
Crystal Douesnard Leave The Universe

Star-making is a Universal phenomenon. Out there in the vastness and coldness of deep space, stars are being unceremoniously, yet magnificently created as you read this. From dense, gaseous, giant molecular clouds within star nurseries, they shimmer into light and life in their seemingly awe inspiring, unrelatable distance from us.

Down here on Earth--and in San Diego, in particular--there are stars that are also in the making. They're being made in the insular recesses of recording studios and upon lighted stages of dark venues where you and I might choose to be on a hot summer's night as expectant gazers, hoping for that glimmer and shimmer-glance at this phenomenon while still embryonic.

Catching a rising star is its own irrefutable reward, alight with possibilities that can make your head spin and heart quicken to skip a beat or two. It is what all music fans but, particularly, music makers wish for and live to impart through their art.

To be young, gifted and stark full of talent is our insurance that this cyclical and Universal process continue-to-continue through space and time. Catching Leave The Universe's July 18 performance at San Diego's Soma proved just such experience.

Lead vocalist Crystal Douesnard, in all her precipitous 19 years, manages to set a stage presence that exudes not only confidence in her outstanding vocal abilities, but demands the right to command the stage, daring the spotlight to shine on a professionalism alluding beyond her tender age.

Backing Douesnard, building an urgent, sonic landscape on themes of escape, emotional surrender and a message of literal Universal breaking-through, such as in busting out of any confined and finite place--be it thematically physical, or relatably emotional--the band, consisting of co-founders and childhood friends, Cameron Phillips, on drums and Kalin Pugh, on bristling guitar, along with new member and bassist, Tristan Brooks, creates its own hyper reality.

Borrowing on the larger than life ingredients that are not only essential and sought-after on stage, but that aim to transport or transcend the audience beyond its confines, the theatrical delivery builds to what makes for a formidable shared experience.

On the tail of their EP release, following their return from a tour hitting points in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas and their home state of Colorado, on the cusp of their thematic concept-album awaiting completion and subsequent release, Leave The Universe is living up to their name and expectation, by busting out of their own local confines to land several of their original tracks on various MTV reality shows. It is safe to bet that it'll prove to be the breakthrough for this rising star-vehicle in the making.

Backed by the solid renown of Track Star Entertainment's Josquin des Pres and former Cargo Records' Brian Spevak's interests and momentum, the aim is to deliver the same combustible fuel that launched Rocket from the Crypt and Blink 182 straight out of San Diego. Straight out of this Russian-nesting-doll of a Universe-within-a-Universe. The impetus is not clearly left to the fates nor time alone, as this star is set to rise.

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