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‘Catch a Contractor’ season finale ‘Going Out in a Blaze of Flooring’ on Spike

Adam and Skip of Catch a Contractor
"Photo courtesy of Spike, used with permission”

On last night's season finale of two back-to-back episodes of “Catch a Contractor,” comedian Adam Carolla and his crew of private investigator Alison Bedell and her husband Skip, a licensed home-improvement contractor, are going after the worst contractors in America. Before Adam rose to fame for his comedy and other endeavors, he was a contractor, so it is not so much of a stretch for him. Now, the team is on the job to hunt down the crooked contractors who screw innocent people and give the good contractors a bad name. Watch as they force them to complete the jobs they left unfinished. If they cannot find these people, they will finish the job and help the family take legal action against these swindlers on this episode titled “Going Out in a Blaze of Flooring.”

Adam and Skip met with Cathy Templeton, who lives with her nephew Michael and his girlfriend Christine. As a newly divorced woman, she wanted the entire first floor of her condo renovated. She met contractor Randy Dabbs, who took advantage of her at her most vulnerable time leaving her home a horrible unfinished mess. Adam stated that the Unabomber would look at this and not want it in his shack. The contractor’s bid was $8,250 for a first floor remodel, recessed lighting and cabinet staining. She paid him $8,000, and he did not show up for eight months, and was going to put down a wood floor for the wood-burning fireplace without putting down a hearth, which could cause the house to go on fire with just one spark from the fireplace.

When Alison tracked him down and brought him to the sting house, he was ready to leave, blaming the homeowner, but when faced with his three options, he chose to come back and do the job right.

The next day, he arrived with his tools. When he saw Cathy and her family, he continued to make excuse after excuse, never giving any compassion for the mess he left the family in. When they returned to the finished product, they were thrilled.

Cathy is now enjoying her new single life in her remodeled condo, Christine and Michael have moved into their own place, and Randy continues to work as a contractor, even on his birthday and promised never to do this to any other customer again on this episode of “Catch a Contractor.”

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