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‘Catch a Contractor’ nab one for ‘Lather, Rinse, Deceit’ on Spike

Adam & Skip doing their thing on Catch a Contractor
Adam & Skip doing their thing on Catch a Contractor
"Photo courtesy of Spike, used with permission”

On Sunday night's episode of “Catch a Contractor,” comedian Adam Carolla and his team of private investigator Alison Bedell and her husband Skip, a licensed home-improvement contractor, are going after the worst contractors in America. Prior to Adam becoming famous for his comedy and other endeavors, he was a contractor, so it is not so much of a stretch for him. Now, the three are on the job to hunt down the crooked people who screw over innocent people, and force them to complete the jobs they left unfinished. If they cannot find these people, they will finish the job and help the family take legal action against these swindlers on this episode titled “Lather, Rinse, Deceit.”

Adam and Skip went to meet with Laighton and Kori and their three kids. The family was without a bathroom for six months. Johnny, the contractor was supposed to restore the home that has been in the family for generations, but instead, he left it a disgrace, and the job was only supposed to take a week. The bid was for $4,800, and they paid him $2,000 to remodel the bathroom and the living room ceiling.

When Skip and Adam saw the bathroom, they knew it was a death trap. The live electrical wires were hanging where the children could be electrocuted if they were standing in water. They will hunt down this dirt bag and make things right, by putting Alison on the job.

The next day at the sting house, Johnny Lopez showed up as the camera crew scrambled. When Adam and Skip confronted Johnny, they showed him all the terrible things he did, and he blamed the homeowner. As Laighton was in the back room hearing all this, he wanted to come out and bash his head in. The producer convinced him to stay put as Adam and Skip did their job. They gave him the three options; give the homeowners their money back, fix the job with Adam and Skip supervising his work, or see them in court. He promised to be there the next morning. When he showed up, the homeowners were ready to confront him. As Kori held Laighton back from taking his aggression out on Johnny’s face.

When they pointed out the crappy job he did, there was no denying or putting the blame on somebody else. However, he did agree to make it right. He explained that the money was stolen from him, but it was not the homeowners’ problem; it was his, and leaving them without a bathroom for six months is inexcusable.

After the job was completed, and the family returned, they were in shock, as Adam and Skip with Johnny’s help landscaped the front, did over the entire living room and completed the bathroom according to code. They were practically in tears, and then Johnny showed up and apologized for everything; he made a solemn promise that something like that would never happen to another family again like it did on this episode of “Catch a Contractor.” Thanks to Adam, Skip and Alison, there is another happy family in Compton, Calif. Johnny has gone back to make a living restoring antique cars and is no longer an unlicensed contractor.

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