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‘Catch A Contractor’: Kitchen fire hazard begins search for unlicensed handyman

Catch A Contractor helps find a handyman after a job gone wrong
Catch A Contractor helps find a handyman after a job gone wrong
Catch A Contractor/Facebook

Catch A Contractor on Spike TV will offer viewers a firsthand look at a residence that literally could go up in smoke. The fire hazard of the kitchen is so serious that turning on the stove burner could start a fire. Turning to the reality show, the older couple looking for help on Sunday night are desperate. Utensils, food and kitchen essentials are in the spare bedroom and they haven’t used their remodeled kitchen for four months as the contractor did such a bad job it’s completely unusable.

“Adam Carolla and Skip Bedell walk into one giant mess of a kitchen. Preview Sunday's new Catch A Contractor and see it tomorrow at 10/9c,” wrote Spike TV on the official Facebook on Saturday.

The unlicensed contractor named Myron turned his former neighbor’s kitchen into a dangerous fire hazard. One of the most glaring violations is around the range, which leaves the entire kitchen liable to burst into flames. The kitchen wouldn’t pass a city inspection and there are so many problems to fix. The first problem? Myron as he is long gone.

Catch A Contractor gives a solution that Myron might not like, but the homeowners definitely are satisfied and in the end should be able to use the kitchen once again in a safe manner.

Catch A Contractor airs on Sunday night at 10 p.m. ET.