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‘Catch a Contractor’ hunts down ‘A Hack of All Trades’ on Spike

Catch a Contractor caught Pedro
Catch a Contractor caught Pedro
Spike TV

On last night's episode of “Catch a Contractor,” multi-talented comedian Adam Carolla and his team of private investigator Alison Bedell and her husband Skip, a licensed home-improvement contractor, this team is going after the worst contractors in America. Before Adam became famous for his comedy and other endeavors, he was a contractor, so it is not so much of a stretch for him. Now, the three are on the job to hunt down the crooked people who screw over innocent people, and force them to complete the jobs they left unfinished. If they cannot find these people, they will finish the job and help the family take legal action against these jerks.

Adam and Skip went to meet with Dana and Mike Kungl, who are victims of Pedro, a bad contractor who left their home a disaster. For two years, they have lived with a leaky skylight for two years and unfinished water heater closet. The job cost almost $18,000, of which they paid him 100%. First mistake is to never pay the full amount until the job is completed. If a contractor is licensed, victims can go to the state licensing board to seek reimbursement, but the process can be lengthy.

When Adam and Skip went up to check the skylight, they knew immediately why it leaked, and were surprised it did not fall into the house. This was a horrible job, and the shoddy water heater job left the family in danger of a gas leak and possible explosion. Next step was to put Alison on the case to find this creep and bring him to justice.

They had a phone number and business address to give Alison, and she found out that he is most definitely certified to install skylights. When she spotted him pulling into a work site, she posed as a homeowner in the area who needed work done. The next day at the sting house, they had cameras and microphones ready to snag this guy.

When he arrived, he was led to believe that it was going to be a big job, and the homeowner was going to be away while the work was to be done. When Alison stepped out of the room, Adam and Skip took over. Pedro recognized Adam immediately from his association with Jimmy Kimmel, but then he went on to explain that he has another show.

When they explained to him about the work, and showed the horrible mess he left the family in, he told them that they still owed him money. He stated that he came in to fix other people’s mistakes, not do the original job. When they asked him about the missing straps on the water heater, because they are in an earthquake area, he stated that he made some mistakes. He claimed he was not a roofer, but told the customers that he was. He lied straight out to their faces. Then Skip went to get the family to confront him. As he denied nearly everything they said, Adam stepped in to give him his three choices; do the work under Adam and Skip’s supervision, return the money to the homeowners or see them in court? He chose to return to do the job.

The next day, he returned but his attitude showed that he sloughed off the mistakes he made as no big deal. When he tried to tell them that they did not understand construction, that is when they hit a nerve. He blamed the owners for the shoddy job on the skylight, stating they did not want him to spend too much time there and wanted the next project completed.

When they removed the drywall, he never put insulation in the wall. This guy was a total unprofessional and could not even put on a tool belt. Adam asked him when he saw a job done properly, was it like Dracula seeing the sun?

When the couple returned, the water heater was braced and the skylight done properly and waterproofed. They were happy to be able to go on with their lives. They thanked Adam and Skip and then brought out Pedro, who they were unsure about seeing again. However, he admitted fault in the debacle. As for another thing said about not being paid, it was never mentioned by him or the couple.

Adam stated that if your contractor claims he can do everything; he may not be qualified to do anything. Make sure he is certified and licensed. Adam believes that Pedro is sorry, but the future will determine if he is really sorry, or just sorry he got caught. Adam announced that all the times he said he was going to quit masturbating; he meant it at the time, but tomorrow is a new day.

Pedro continues to work as a contractor. He no longer bids on roofing projects and finally learned to put on a tool belt.

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