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‘Catch a Contractor’ gets ‘Fooled by the Floyds’ on Spike

Adam Carolla, Skip & Alison of Catch a Contractor
Adam Carolla, Skip & Alison of Catch a Contractor
Spike TV

On Sunday night's episode of “Catch a Contractor,” multi-talented comedian Adam Carolla and his team of private investigator Alison Bedell and her husband Skip, a licensed home-improvement contractor, are going after the worst contractors in America. Before Adam became famous for his comedy and other endeavors, he was a contractor, so it is not so much of a stretch for him. Now, the three are on the job to hunt down the crooked people who screw over innocent people, and force them to complete the jobs they left unfinished. If they cannot find these people, they will finish the job and help the family take legal action against these swindlers.

Adam and Skip went to meet with Heather and Russell Floyd, whose contractor promised two years ago to renovate their home. When Adam and Skip walked up to the house, they were astonished that anyone would leave a house in the condition it was in. The original bid was $71,000, and they have paid so far, $43,000.

Alison hunted down contractor Tom Turner. Because there were no signs where he was working, she could not confront him, but called his phone number on the Floyd’s invoice, and he came to the sting house to meet with her. When he was there, he told Adam and Skip how the homeowners had a previous contractor, and they refused to sign a change order, so he could proceed with the work. He stated that he tried to contact them several times to no avail. When Adam tried to get the couple to confront him, they were apprehensive. Finally, Adam got them to confront him, but the stories varied greatly. When Tom agreed to come back to the house and fix what needed to be fixed, the Floyds left.

Tom turned out to be a man of his word. He explained what he had done previously and why he wanted the waiver signed, but the homeowners would not agree. Adam asked him if he would help them finish the job, no matter who is right or wrong and he agreed.

When the job was completed, the Floyds returned to their nicely finished home. Adam and Skip still had their doubts about the veracity of their claims and would not produce any documentation to prove their point. When Adam asked Russell and Heather if they wanted to thank Tom for the work he did, they said no and walked into their house.

Tom is currently working on restoring a historic Frank Lloyd Wright home, and the Floyd family is now making good use of their outdoor shower.

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