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‘Catch a Contractor’ finds a ‘Backyard No-Asis’ on Spike

Catch a Contractor crew Skip, Adam and Alison
Catch a Contractor crew Skip, Adam and Alison
"Photo courtesy of Spike, used with permission”

On last night's first of two back-to-back episodes of “Catch a Contractor,” comedian Adam Carolla and his crew of private investigator Alison Bedell and her husband Skip, a licensed home-improvement contractor, are going after the worst contractors in America. Before Adam rose to fame for his comedy and other endeavors, he was a contractor, so it is not so much of a stretch for him. Now, the team is on the job to hunt down the crooked contractors who screw innocent people and give the good contractors a bad name. Watch as they force them to complete the jobs they left unfinished. If they cannot find these people, they will finish the job and help the family take legal action against these swindlers on this episode titled “Backyard No-Asis.”

Adam and Skip met with Damian and Chris, a gay couple who were screwed over by a contractor. They expected to have an awesome backyard, but it was left a nightmare. They paid Jeff Heath, three years of their savings, the total of his bid of $13,000 for the front trim, a balcony and turn the backyard into an oasis. When they started to complain about the quality of the work, he took off and left behind a disgraceful mess.

Skip and Adam told them they made the first mistake by paying in full, but his bid was so much lower than the rest, that there had to be a reason. When they examined the balcony he built, they saw that it would never hold the weight of a person, by the way the carriage bolts were installed, leaving a danger to life and limb.

Alison found him and set up an appointment at the sting house to catch this crook. When he came inside, he was confronted by the camera crew, Adam and Skip. He stated that they got what they paid for, which was a bunch of crap, the hot tub was never delivered, and the place was in shambles. They gave him the three choices; come back and finish the job under their supervision, return their money, or see them in court and lose his license. He chose to return.

The next day when he returned and defended his shoddy work, the couple confronted him, and he finally admitted he underbid the job, but when the couple returned, it was the true oasis they expected and the hot tub was awesome.

Thanks to Adam, Skip and Alison, one nice couple has the oasis they expected. Jeff continues to work as a licensed contractor, he also continues to resist urges for underbidding jobs, and hopefully being more honest on this episode of “Catch a Contractor.”

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