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‘Catch a Contractor’ find ‘An Avi-ously Dangerous Home’ on Spike

Catch a Contractor crew Skip, Adam and Alison
Catch a Contractor crew Skip, Adam and Alison
Spike TV

On last night's second episode of “Catch a Contractor,” multi-talented comedian Adam Carolla and his team of private investigator Alison Bedell and her husband Skip, a licensed home-improvement contractor, this team is going after the worst contractors in America. Before Adam became famous for his comedy and other endeavors, he was a contractor, so it is not so much of a stretch for him. Now, the three are on the job to hunt down the crooked people who screw over innocent people, and force them to complete the jobs they left unfinished. If they cannot find these people, they will finish the job and help the family take legal action against these jerks.

They visited the Johnson family. Their contractor was brought in to remodel their kitchen and bathroom. What he left them with was an unfinished, bug infested, contaminated mess. For two years, this prevailed as their contractor named Avi did this to them with no remorse.

As Adam and Skip went to visit with the Johnsons, they found a septic backup with cricket and silverfish infestation. Avi Cohen was paid $32,000 to redo the kitchen and bathroom and disappeared in the middle of the job, leaving the sewer lines uncapped and the toxic sewer gasses coming back into the house.

The Johnsons made the biggest mistake by giving him the entire $32,000 up front. So they will help in one or three ways; bring him back to fix the job, return all her money or help her take them to court to sue him.

Alison hunted Avi down and found him. She set up an appointment for the sting to catch him. As he parked outside, the producer and camera crews were ready to film him, and Adam and Skip were prepared to drop the hammer on him. When they confronted him, he complained that she ran out of money, and he did not make a penny on the job. When the sewer backed up, they took out the cabinets, and brought the contaminated ones back in. He claimed he was an honest person, and would come back the next day. Adam gave him the three options they discussed with the Johnsons, but will he return?

The next day, he did return and blamed the homeowner for the mess. As Adam and Skip directed Avi to make the house the way the customer expected.

When the Johnsons returned, it was like a new home, Avi blamed the dog for removing the plumbing cap, but as he continues to work as a contractor, he did fire his old tile crew.

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