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'Cat whisperer' Jackson Galaxy to advocate for 'attack cat' kicked by owner

On Wednesday, March 19, KOMO 4 News reported that Jackson Galaxy, star of Animal Planet's television show "My Cat From Hell," will be advocating for a Portland, Oregon cat who "attacked" his family.

'Cat whisperer' Jackson Galaxy to advocate for 'attack cat' kicked by owner
KOMO 4 News

According to Galaxy, cats don't lash out without reason, so he's traveling to Portland to advocate for the four-year-old Himalayan mix named Lux. The session will be filmed for the fifth season of "My Cat From Hell," which begins on April 26.

The story about Lux went viral after his guardian, Lee Palmer, called 911. According to Palmer, Lux attacked his 7-month-old child after the baby pulled the cat's tail. The baby sustained a few scratches on the forehead.

During the 911 call, Palmer stated to the dispatcher that he kicked his cat "in the rear" and the cat then "just went over the edge" and that Palmer and his girlfriend had to barricade their family in the bedroom.

During the call, the cat could be heard crying in the background as Palmer stated with panic: "He's charging us. He's at our bedroom door."

Police officers used a dog snare to capture Lux and then placed him in a crate.

Palmer told officers that Lux had a "history of violence," but said that they were determined to keep their cat. This changed on Monday, when the cat was taken to an animal shelter. The family told Animal Planet that they agreed to have therapy with Galaxy.

Galaxy stated that there is always a human component to cases like this and said that Palmer needs to take Lux to a veterinarian to determine if the cat has any physical issues.

Pain can often be the root cause of apparently aberrant behavior among animals.

“It could be anything from an abscessed tooth to a brain tumor and anything in between,” stated Galaxy.

According to Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, apparently aggressive behavior can be the result of painful conditions, like arthritis and dental disease and central nervous system conditions and hyperthyroidism, have been implicated in aggression, or prior trauma.

The cat first had his tail pulled and then was kicked by Palmer. Cornell University's website states: a cat whose tail was once caught in a door may continue to resent any touching of his tail long after the pain is gone.

Galaxy points out that the worst thing to do is to put your hands on an upset animal, as it only provokes them more.

Cornell University's website concurs, stating: Do not physically punish your cat, even with a slight tap on the nose. The pain of being struck can lead to more aggressive behavior.

Galaxy expressed concern that Lux's story would cause other cat guardians to relinquish their cats rather than trying to determine the cause of their behavior.

“I want to know what it is that caused this to happen,” he stated.

He added: “At the end of the day, I don’t want this cat to die because of the viral nature of this story.”

Updates to this story will be posted as they occur.

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