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Cat in Utah tests positive for H1N1 and is second confirmed case of feline "swine flu"

A 13-year old female cat in Utah was taken by its owner to Park City Animal Hospital on November 3rd due to problems breathing. Subsequent tests confirmed that the cat was positive for the H1N1 virus, which causes the type of flu known as "swine flu" in both people and animals.

The cat's owner also was afflicted with H1N1, while another cat in the household is thus far not showing symptoms but will be tested.

Earlier this month the a cat in Iowa became the first cat with a confirmed case of H1N1. That cat was also 13 years old, and a human in the household was also sick with flu-like symptoms. In addition to cats and humans, several ferrets have tested positive for H1N1.

For more information about the Utah cat, check out DVM Newsmagazine.

For information to help veterinarians and pet owners with questions about H1N1, check out the AVMA resource page.

Sources: DVM Newsmagazine, AVMA

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