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Cat traps family: House cat attacks baby, family calls 911

Cat traps family in a bedroom after attacking their baby. A 22-pound house cat went on a rampage in Portland, Oregon, resulting in a 911 call. According to United Press International on Mar. 11, the ferocious feline also attacked a baby.

Cat traps family: House cat attacks baby, family calls 911.
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The Portland family claims that their fat cat, a large Himalayan named 'Lux,' attacked their 7-month-old baby. Lee Palmer then struck the cat and it went berserk.

Cat traps family sounds like a ridiculous premise for a scandal sheet cover headline. In this particular case, it actually happened and is quite accurate.

The pet involved in the Cat traps family case was a 22-pound Himalayan named Lux. After attacking the baby, Palmer kicked the cat in the rear. He then took shelter with his family including the dog in a bedroom. After barricading the door, they called 911. Here is part of the heated interchange with the dispatcher.

CALLER: 'He’s charging us. He's at our door, our bedroom door.'

DISPATCHER: 'One moment, OK?'

CALLER: 'Do you hear him? That was the cat.'

DISPATCHER: 'Yeah, I hear him. Keep the door shut, OK?'

The Portland Police Department responded and officers were finally able to get Lux back into his crate. The cat was so large, that Officer Pete Sampson had to use a dog snare to subdue the animal.

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