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Cat traps family: 22lb cat attacks baby, traps family in bedroom

A cat traps a family in a bedroom in their home in Oregon in one of the most bizarre stories of the year. On March 11, MSN News reported that a 22 pound Himalayan house cat first attacked a 7-month-old baby before going into a fit of "rage." After the cat scratched the baby in the face, the baby's father kicked the cat which (understandably) made it really mad.

"The parents and baby, along with their dog, retreated into a bedroom as the father called police. Meanwhile, the cat blocked the bedroom doorway and could be heard on the 911 call screeching loudly," said Portland Police Bureau spokesman Sergeant Pete Simpson (via MSN News).

Police arrived and the cat that trapped the family ran into the kitchen. Portland police were able to coral the "mean" cat and get it into a carrier but left it with the family -- it was their pet after all. The family admitted that the cat had "a history of violence" but it was unclear whether or not they wanted to give it up or put it down.

Naturally the cat doesn't seem like a good fit for this family and if it attacked their baby, they should really reconsider keeping it. It's a tough situation but resorting to "kicking" the animal when it gets out of hand doesn't solve anything either.

If a cat manages to trap an entire family -- and their dog -- obviously something isn't right. Do you think this family should keep their cat?

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