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Cat to the rescue

This cat proves to be boy's best friend!
This cat proves to be boy's best friend!

This may possibly seem like a funny headline indeed; got your attention though! True as it is, having a cat rescue a person from the throes of a dog attack just seems unlikely. Until it actually occurs that is!

There is something to be said about ‘Man’s Best Friend,” especially when it turns out to be of the feline variety. This latest case of cat heroism occurred Tuesday and has gone viral ever since.

The news broadcast announced that a four-year-old boy from California has been attacked by a dog on Tuesday. His mother tried chasing away the aggressive canine after the initial attack on her son only to be bit herself.

The family cat witnessed the attacks and raced in to help his little buddy. The entire incident was caught on film and uploaded to a YouTube post entitled, “A Cat Saved My Son.”

When you view the short film, you will see the dog stalking the boy as he rides his tricycle out front of the family home. The dog sneaks around the back of a parked van and bites onto the boy’s leg, looking as if he wanted to drag him away. The tricycle went tumbling sideways.

With that the cat runs straight at the dog and even chases him away in back of the van. Thankfully the dog did not return or turn on the savior cat. When the dog did look as though he may turn back, the boy’s mother ran at the dog, only to be bitten herself.

If the cat had not acted swiftly and heroically, it is not hard to imagine that the youngster may have had more damage than the 10 stitches he received at the nearby hospital. It is most likely that when he picks a pet in the future, he will be drawn to Felix and opposed to Fido.

Cats are typically not pack animals, but once they attach themselves to a family (by their choosing), they are loyal to the death as this kitty has demonstrated ever so immensely. This is one family that has no doubts that they are happy to have a feline as opposed to a canine in their household.

The young boy’s father was quick to give credit where credit was due when the video was uploaded. He was sure to tell anyone and everyone that would listen that a “Cat Saved His Son!”

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