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Cat thrown out of vehicle during Polar Vortex

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As the saying goes, it's neither fit for man nor beast outside. The 2014 Polar Vortex has proved brutal in the Northeast, and many pet owners have found that their charges do not care for these brutal temperatures, and have made comfortable accommodations for their animal loved ones. These people would never dream of leaving their pets to the elements, and are generally horrified when others do.

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However, such is the unfortunate case of a lovely blue-grey young adult female cat. A cat-loving Good Samaritan was driving to work on Route 69 in Rome one day, when he noticed a blue pickup truck pull over to the shoulder and toss the kitty in question into a snow bank (mind you, temperatures were well below zero at the time). He made a u-turn, plucked the terrified cat (who was thankfully shocked, so she didn't run) out of the snow, and tried to track down the truck from which she was ejected.

He could not find the truck, but contacted R-CATS, and is now fostering the sweet girl under the rescue's umbrella. Upon examination at CNY Veterinary Medical Services, it was determined that she is a young adult and had only recently finished nursing a litter of kittens.

R-CATS asks that anyone with information about who may have dumped this sweet girl so callously contact rescue president Allison Nickerson at