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Cat tattoos a hot new trend: cattoos

Cat tattoos hot new trend - cattoos
Cat tattoos hot new trend - cattoos

From the bizarre to the adorable, cat tattoos are the latest trend in body art. Lion and tiger tattoos have been popular for years, but a June 3 article in The Daily Mail reported that the new trend has turned to domesticated cats with cat lovers branding their bodies with imprints to show their affection for their fur babies. These tattoos offer the purr-fect ink for those who love cats and tattoos. In fact, it's become popular enough that they have gained their own pet name: cattoos.

Placement ideas for cat tattoos

Most people looking to get inked with a cat tattoo want the ink where it can be easily showcased. Arms, legs, shoulders, and feet, make ideal choices because they provide enough canvass on skin that doesn't stretch, too much. They also make an interesting element in a larger piece like a half or full sleeve. Catoos range from memorial tats to fun cartoon style body art, tribal tats, and even include renditions of the Internet's popular Grumpy Cat.

Paw print tattoos

Paw print tattoos offer the perfect complimentary ink to add movement and interest to your cat tat. These small prints offer flexibility with placement, and depending on the size of the prints they can be sprinkled on the shoulder or the back of the neck to create a trail . The wrist is the perfect place to show off a single tiny print, and a string of paw prints inked in a chain makes for a unique ankle bracelet tattoo.

According to the Harris Institute of Research, today one in five U.S. adults now has a tattoo, compared to just 16 per cent ten years ago. While cat tattoos are more likely to be found on women, guys are getting them too. With this new pocket of tattoo enthusiasts, it's the perfect medium to combine the cat culture with an art form designed to indelibly express that love.

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