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Cat steals money then gives it away (videos)

We’ve watched many cute animal and pet videos recently, but this one might take the cake. In the following video, a beautiful, Siamese cat named Vera is seen using her fetching skills to retrieve money from a purse than give it away.

Vera the cat steals money and gives it away
Teresa and Sara Fogard

The video comes from Teresa and Sara Fogard (sisters) who trained Vera in the masterful art, starting with paper and receipts. It seems that Vera has put her skills to other uses and one can only imagine the type of trouble Vera could get into.

Not many pet owners consider training cats to perform tricks such as fetch, stay, come or even wave, but many cats can readily learn a number of behaviors humans find pleasing.

Make no mistake about it, your cat is much wiser than you may think and is capable of learning wide range of tricks.

Check out Vera in the video above and watch her steal money then give it away.

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