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Cat slaughtered in Tucson, Arizona crime still not solved

Cute kitten
Cute kitten
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Many pet lover’s post there missing animals on Craigslist, hoping to be reunited with their beloved dog or cat. Tucson, Arizona has recently had a rash of heinous crimes committed on precious pets, which went missing in the area of Broadway and Campbell. One distraught individual was horrified, when they found that there cat who somehow managed to slide out the front door, had been slaughtered. The family’s cat was sliced open, intestine removed and thrown into brush several blocks away.

Although many believe they do all they can for their pets, it’s imperative that they are protected just like children. Secure windows, doors and make sure are gates are properly secured. Evil lurks in every city, town and state. If anyone has any information about the heinous crime that transpired in Tucson, Arizona please contact their local police department.

Place a collar, with a tag and microchip on all of your dogs and cats so if they are missing, those precious lives can be located and returned as quickly as possible. The more information the shelters have the less likely the life will be lost. Unfortunately the cat whose life was lost, cannot be replaced; but providing information to the public can aide with protecting others who may fall prey to people who would commit such a horrific crime.