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Cat skin allergies cured, Naturally

Healed and beautiful naturally
Healed and beautiful naturally

Holistic Medicine:

The animal described below has experienced the value of integrative and holistic veterinary care. Act now to make a difference!

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Dhyan the cat with Skin Allergies (letter from guardian)

The following is a testament of the successful treatment of chronic skin problems in a feline using integrative veterinary medicine.

Dhyan is an 8 year old all white feline, devoted lap cat and amazing acrobat who was originally thought to be feral, hence the tipped ear. She has been plagued over the last few years with a recurring skin condition that erupted as reddish, scabby, acne like lesions on her face, ears and chin. These outbreaks seemed to be random, but also were exacerbated by seasonal changes. They were a common occurrence, to the point where she was never devoid of an outbreak and her beautiful face was always marred by these unflattering lesions.

Dhyan was examined by an integrative veterinarian in late January 2011 and placed on a regimen of whole food supplements and a homeopathic treatment plan. Within a few days new eruptions began to subside, and when an eruption did occur it was much more subtle. The existing eruptions gradually started to fade and heal.

Dhyan’s initial treatment program lasted 3 months. She was retested and some adjustments in her remedies were made. She was given a new homeopathic remedy and two new supplements. She continued to progress but seemed a little stuck after a couple of months. At this point she was retested and her remedies were adjusted again. This time she had a leap of progress. Over the next couple of weeks the only occurrence of a skin eruption was a bit of minor chin acne that easily wiped away.

Dhyan’s treatments seem to have addressed some imbalances in her body and gotten to the root of the problem. She continues to progress on her current regimen and is maintaining with no further outbreaks.

The best part of Dhyan's progress is in her attitude. She not only appears happier, more energetic and vibrant, but her skin is now looking as radiant and beautiful as her two other white sisters, making it difficult to tell them apart. Due to the extensiveness of her lesions, she has some moderate scarring that is gradually resolving but, most of the scarring is completely gone and replaced with new, healthy fur growth.

Dhyan now showers her guardian with appreciation even more than usual in the way of hugs and head rubs. Dhyan's guardian is also happier as a result, knowing that this treatment process has been so successful. According to Dhyan's human, “it has been a joy to look at Dhyan’s radiant, beautiful face and see how much happier she is.”

Submitted by Alyx MacKenzie


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