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Cat near D.C. found sprayed with BBs

This stray cat was found with more than 30 BBs in his body.
This stray cat was found with more than 30 BBs in his body.
Animal Welfare League of Arlington

A stray cat in Northern Virginia is recovering after being found with more than 30 BB pellets in his body, the Animal Welfare League of Arlington said Feb. 14.

In Arlington County, a suburb of Washington, D.C., a resident discovered the male buff tabby near Ballston Mall and took him to the league. The feline was blind in both eyes, and X-rays showed he had at least 20 BBs in his head alone, which probably caused the loss of eyesight, the league said. The league removed his right eye, which was badly damaged, but left the BBs alone to avoid causing more trauma. The cat, now named Arrow, was also neutered and underwent a dental cleaning with teeth extractions.

“This sweet boy is now recovering in our offices being closely watched by our medical team,” the league wrote in an e-newsletter. “We are hoping for his full recovery and eventual adoption.”

No one has been charged in the shooting incident, and authorities are not optimistic they will find the person or people responsible because “we have no way of knowing when or where it happened,” the league told “It could have been long ago.”

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