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Cat saves boy from dog attack on video: Hero cat to throw out first pitch

The cat that saved the boy from the vicious dog attack, which was caught on a video that has gone viral, is now getting a special honor. Tara the cat is probably the first feline invited to throw out the first pitch at a pro baseball game, but her presence is requested, according to the Los Angeles Times on May 16.

Cat saves boy from dog attack: Hero cat invited to throw out first pitch at pro-game.
YouTube screen shot/ Fox News

You can see the amazing rescue in the above video as Tara the cat attacks a neighbor’s dog that is attacking a young boy. The dog has a hold of the boy’s leg and the cat runs over and swats at the dog, then chases it away from the child.

The security camera on the Triantafilo home caught the entire incident. You can see four-year-old Jeremy on his bike near the family’s SUV in the driveway when the dog comes around and grabs Jeremy by the ankle, pulling him off his bike.

Out of nowhere comes Tara the cat and she didn’t hesitate to save her family member by attacking the dog. It was the cat confronting the dog that made the dog let go of Jeremy’s leg and run, with the cat chasing him.

Jeremy’s leg needed stitches for a deep bite wound in his leg. You can see by the video that this dog wasn’t playing, he was out for blood.

After the dog went running, mom reaches Jeremy, but if that cat hadn’t interfered, there’s no telling what could have happened to the little boy. Once Jeremy’s mother attends to him, the cat returns almost as if he is checking up on his buddy.

According to The Huffington Post, Erica Triantafilo, Jeremy's mom, said that the cat and Jeremy have a strong bond. When Jeremy was an infant in his crib, the cat would curl up next to him. That bond is even stronger today, as you can see on the video.

Tara the cat usually demonstrates a laid-back demeanor at home, she is “very mellow” and “very loving,” said Erica Triantafilo. The neighbor who owns the dog voluntarily gave it up to the Bakersfield Animal Care Center. The Labrador-Chow mix will be held in quarantine for 10-days and then put down. The dog is not adoptable after the unprovoked attack on the little boy.

Meanwhile Tara the cat is invited to throw the first pitch for the local minor-league team. The Bakersfield Blaze has requested the hero cat honor them at their game on May 20. Obviously the cat cannot throw the first pitch, but his owner will, Jeremy’s father, Roger Triantafilo.

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