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Cat safety device

These tags are great for keeping kitty safe!
These tags are great for keeping kitty safe!
Andy's Pet Products

Indoor kitties are supposed to be just that. Unfortunately, if given half of an opportunity, curiosity will still kill the cat. Kitties will sneak outside just to see what in the world goes on in that extraordinarily large environment. There are also times when cats will try to get out if their life is near its end.

There are precautions that cat owners can take in order to keep their felines safe from harm just in case they do get out of doors. One product that allows cat parents to keep their furry friend safe is the QR Code Pet ID Tag.

This new technology with a built-in QR code will notify you when someone scans it with a smartphone. This small code could possibly be the saving grace of your kitty cat and help to reunite you with your pet.

This modern method of locating your cat can also work for your dog. The QR code pet ID tags offer any pet an extra opportunity to be returned to their family in the fastest possible timeframe. Any smartphone user that happens to locate a missing pet can simply scan the pet ID tag’s QR code giving them the ability to access a variety of contact data such as a photo ID of the pet, your address, home and cell phone numbers, any allergies your furry friend may have and if a reward is being offered for the safe return of your kitty and any other pertinent data you feel could possibly be necessary for the safe return of Tom the Cat.

In order to get started, simply go to Select the design you would like for your tag. Each tag is $8.95 and come in three convenient sizes: Small (1" circle), Medium (1 1/4" circle), and Large (1 1/2" circle). Once you make your choice and receive your tag, you will want to register your pet’s new ID tag by scanning the QR code on the back of the tag and enter your registration number listed above the QR code on the tag. Once scanned and data is entered, you will be taken to a secure FREE website where you will be able to enter any and all of the necessary data you would like about your pet. You can change or maintain the site all you like and there will never be any charge for using it!

Each exceptional vibrant tag is made of quality durable high-grade aluminum that need not be engraved. The tags are built to last for years and include a protective clear covering. The tags canbe used by themselves or in addition to your pet’s other ID tag worn on their collar.

Even if your pet has a microchip, this tag is a great addition to your kitty’s safety! Pet microchips require a special reader but this tag can be read by any individual that carries a smartphone.

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