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Cat reunion is a real treat

Ellen and Emilia reunited with Bruno.
Courtesy of Greenville Co. Animal Care's Facebook page

As has been written by many sources, cats domesticated themselves. They only allow their humans in when and if they choose to involve them. If a cat does not want to be bothered, then so be it.

Cats also have a tendency to run or to wander away if given half the chance. This is what happened to one particular cat in South Carolina.

The cat’s name was Bruno and the sneaky fellow escaped from his veterinarian’s office in May of 2012 while he was being boarded. He was not located until this past Tuesday. Although his owners never gave up hope (and probably did not give up on keeping his microchip up to date), the two years he was missing had to have been quite painful for them.

Since cats have a mind of their own, they do as they please and, sorry to say, damn the consequences. It’s not as if cats don’t care though, they are just foot-loose and fancy free types of critters. They don’t truly believe that they belong to anyone and no one belongs to them. Isn’t this how it should be? After all, I don’t own my children, why should I own my pets?

Cats are individuals. They are certainly not pack animals like dogs are. That is why they are so independent. Only cat people can truly understand this attitude, because they have a similar attitude; it is what draws man and canine together.

Dogs, like has been established, are pack animals. People that choose to have a dog like to have the dog underfoot since their attitude is similar to the dog’s attitude of wanting to be in a group.

People that have both a cat and a dog have a mixed bag of attitudes. They are carefree when they want to be, but they also like to be with people much of the time.

Cats do well with other animals if they were raised from a kitten that way. If you rescue an adult cat, his or her opinion of others in the house may not be to your liking, however. Remember, their minds have already been established and to rewire their thinking may prove to be a bit too much.

Anyway, so glad Bruno is back at home. His family has to be elated. They certainly will have to keep a closer eye on their sneaky guy as he has had the taste of freedom and may just want to keep doing his own thing.

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