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Cat perches on cop: Orange cat trapped amid glass, viral photo of police rescuer

A cat perches on top of a cop in a now viral photo
A cat perches on top of a cop in a now viral photo
Twitter Screen Shot, WebProNews

A cat perches on a cop and makes them both Web sensations after the photo goes viral online. After an Oregon police officer rescued an orange cat trapped amid glass in a basement home this week, someone snapped several photos of the feline who seemed quite content to simply rest on the woman’s shoulders. The hilariously cute images not only tie in well to the already popular clips of cute kittens trending across the internet, but also show the quick bond this frightened cat formed with its liberator, News Oxy shares this Wednesday, June 25, 2014.

After an emergency report came in that a Portland home had been broken into by thieves, police officer Sarah Kerwin arrived on the scene. Little did she know that a cat would end up perching on her shoulders within the burgled residence and make her just as popular as the nimble feline. The viral photo was taken by a fellow police officer who found the scene too funny to miss.

According to the press release, a woman called 911 this Monday after she discovered that her home had been broken into by an unknown suspect. When Kerwin and other law enforcement authorities arrived on the scene, they discovered a frightened cat in the corner of the basement. It was surrounded by shards of broken glass that had apparently been shattered during the attempted burglary.

The goodhearted police officer reached down to assist the orange cat, adds Web Pro News today, and that’s when the pet — possibly sensing that this rescuer was no enemy — willfully jumped onto its shoulders and refused to leave its human perch for a while. One picture shows the animal stretched along her upper back, while another viral photo reveals a smiling Officer Sarah with the cat looking off into the distance.

As for the investigation into the crime, a male suspect is being actively sought out. The man’s identity is not yet known, but he is believed to be in his mid 30s, around 5 feet tall, and with dark brown hair. At the time of the break-in, one witness thought they saw someone who appeared like the suspect near the victim’s home driving a white van and wearing sunglasses. It is still being determined if anything was taken from the home, though some damage (particularly to several household items amid broken glass) was reported.

Although every dog has his day and are usually man’s best friend when it comes to solving crimes, today it was an orange cat who perched on a cop that made headlines. It just goes to show that showing some kindness to an animal in need can go a long way, and few people understand that better this week than police officer Kerwin, who rescued a friendly feline.

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