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Cat perches on cop: Goofy pic of curious cat on cop goes viral

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Look what the cat dragged in – a cop. It doesn’t take much for a quick pic to go viral these days, as evidenced by our feline friend, who decided to perch atop a cop’s neck and shoulders. The police officer had responded to a burglary when the curious cat decided that the best place to get an eye-full of the goings on would be to ride the top of the cop, and up he went.

WebProNews has the viral photo.

The Associated Press goofed on the viral photo, writing: “The cat. In the bathroom. On the officer’s shoulders? Nope, not a game of ‘Clue.’ But police say one orange tabby wanted to be closely involved when officers responding to a burglary report searched the cat’s home in southeast Portland.”

Responding police officer Sarah Kerwin was checking out the report of a burglary when she came across the orange tabby. She and her partner Sgt. Pete Simpson did not find anyone in the home, but broken glass on the floor suggested a break-in. Only the cat was there. Hmm…

Officer Kerwin said she actually placed the cat on her shoulder when they discovered the glass, because she was afraid the big guy would cut up his paws. But he happily stayed there and even climbed right up on her neck.

According to Oregon, “the suspect had fled with some of the woman's personal belongings. A neighbor told police she had seen a suspicious man in the neighborhood earlier in the day. He was 30 to 40 years old, 5-foot- and skinny, with curly brown hair. He was wearing a dark-colored track suit with pants tucked into his socks and boots.”

Proof that the Internet loves cats.

Here’s a good one for cat lovers and Batman fans: Bane cat.

Bane cat: Bane of the felines, unnerving Bane cat is a YouTube hit.

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