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Cat Loses Leg After Falling Down A Chimney

Chimney Cricket sleeping, recuperating after fall.
Chimney Cricket sleeping, recuperating after fall.
Sheree L. Ciao / Happy Home Animal Sanctuary /

It was days before workers at an inner city mission in Las Vegas heard the cries of a cat coming from a chimney and rescued her. She was covered in soot and had an open fracture in her hind leg when she arrived at a local veterinarian hospital. The skin around her bone began to heal, but because her leg was broken, doctors had to amputate her leg. Thin, dehydrated, and extremely hungry, the hospital gave her fluids through an IV and kept her for a few days.

Thanks to Happy Home Animal Sancutuary, she is now in a foster home resting, recuperating, and learning to walk on three legs. She also lost her voice in this trauma, but purrs to communicate. They named her Chimney Cricket, and everyone who cared for her fell in love with her sweet, friendly personality.

If you would like to donate to help with hospital bills, or find out more about adopting Chimney, go to: