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Cat litter brands

I have never tried to promote any one specific brand before in my articles.  This time, though, I feel so strongly about a particular brand of cat litter I would like to share with my readers.  The cat litter brand name is World's Best Cat Litter,  On their website they give you a link to use to locate where you can buy this.  I know before my cat died I was able to buy this at the Pet's Discount store located in the Waikele Shopping Center, across the road from the Waikele Outlet stores. 

I like it because it doesn't track near as bad as the regular clay litter, and I couldn't smell it except in the bathroom right around the litter box.  It claims to last up to two or three times as long as clay litter.  I changed it early because of some reason I can not remember, but it wasn't due to the smell or diminishing quality of the clumping. 

It is made from ground up whole kernel corn and clumps on contact.  This prevents it from seeping to the bottom, so no more pee clumps on the bottom of the litter box, which contributes largely to the bad smell.  It is septic save and flush-able and biodegradable.  It is made from corn, so it is a renewable source. 

Cats are notorious for not liking change, and changing litters is included in this dislike.  If your cat has a medical problem, especially a tendency to get a blocked urethra, you need to continue to offer his old litter in his old box, but you can switch if he likes the new litter simply by placing a new second box with the new stuff mixed with the old stuff.  (75% - 25%; 50%-50%, 25%-75% - old to new ratio, over a span of approximately four weeks.)  If your cat is healthy you still need to follow the above old to new ratio, but you can just use the same litter box.  You will of course want to empty the box of all the old litter first and really clean the sides and bottom with a mild soap and rinse it thoroughly and let it dry completely.   


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