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Cat issues

It's hard to believe that someone would want to harm a cat by simple neglect.
It's hard to believe that someone would want to harm a cat by simple neglect.
Alan Weaver

With all of the news being horrific these days, how can we expect normal, everyday people to be able to make good decision? What type of role models do they really have to follow?

The simple, everyday things that occur to most pet lovers thoroughly escape others when they are put in a bind. Take for instance three circumstances that occur readily in homes around us today:

1. Pet parents leaving behind their kitty when they move.

2. Hoarding cats.

3. Leaving cats in cars on hot days.

These three points seem so simple and straightforward that it almost seems laughable to have to discuss them. However, like stated earlier, these are real issues that are happening more often than not, so must be discussed for the safety of our felines.

Although our economy is trending upward, there are still many areas in which homes are being foreclosed upon. Because people feel trapped by this situation, they don’t always make the best decisions when it comes to their pets. A lot of times, cats could be in trouble if they are locked inside of a foreclosed home without anyone knowing. They may overheat or freeze, starve to death and run out of water. These are all prime reasons why someone, a bank representative, realtor or someone from the county in which the house is located, should check on foreclosed homes.

Some areas with high foreclosure rates are actually catching on that animals may intentionally be left behind in these dire circumstances. Sometimes a group of volunteers will form to inspect homes to ensure that no animals were left behind or if they were that they are able to get to safety.

Hoarding is too horrible an issue to get into completely. Suffice it to say, the same people that tend to accumulate stuff will sometimes extend that want or need unto animals. Kitties are easier to hoard in some situations, because they are quieter and they are quite self-sufficient (not that dogs are not).

There have been cases where hundreds of cats have been discovered inside homes. The poor creatures do not have proper food, water, a bathroom spot, or even a place to sleep. They get sick and have behavioral issues because hoarding does not equate to love – it is an illness – and the animals are the ones to suffer!

Although cats typically are not fond of riding in cars, there have been situations where cats will be locked inside of cars while temperatures beam the same as dogs. The situation may begin harmless, but end up fatal. Say the cat parent takes the cat to the vet and simply stops by the local grocery store while they are out to pick up a few items. They leave the cat in its carrier in the car which soon becomes an oven. Not cool. Cats can overheat just the same way as dogs – and sometimes sooner depending on their size.

Hopefully these reminders will help pet parents to think about their actions before actually doing them. For the sake of kitty, please make sure to take care!

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