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Cat hoarding on Manada Street

Is there a means of escape?
Is there a means of escape?

When we flick on the television these days, there is everything possible to watch and we call it entertainment. One of the programs is about ‘hoarders’ – of which defines pathological or compulsive hoarding as:

· acquiring and failing to throw out a large number of items that would appear to have little or no value to others (e.g., papers, notes, flyers, newspapers, clothes)

· severe cluttering of the person's home so that it is no longer able to function as a viable living space

· significant distress or impairment of work or social life

Although people may find it funny when others have this weakness and keep a lot of stuff, what about when they hoard cats – and no one is willing to step in to help – or to do anything else about it – even if the smell of urine and feces is enough to cause the neighbors to gag?

Well, there is currently a situation just like this on Manada Street in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Currently the local government officials are not even acknowledging this as a problem; simply estimating the situation to be solved.

The problem is far from solved. Just yesterday an individual in the local vicinity found a newborn cat, umbilical cord still attached, and dumped in the alley behind the hoarder’s house. Thankfully, some really great individuals, Julie Dulak, Loretta Wietry and JF Richards have stepped in to foster and care for the 20-something cats in and around the home where officially no more cats live.

What to do? What to do?

Well, the helpful individuals have stepped in and done a lot in the face of no other help. It was reported on Facebook that the Manada Cat Hoarding Kitty Counts after June 16, 2014 was:

4 Grey Kittens Rescued before the circus came to town – placed by Julie
7 older kitties rescued by Julie being taken care of in Campbelltown - 3 have died [FIVE have died***JD]
3 females TNR’d at Tina (Lenox)
2 females TNR’d at Linda Stuck (Manada)
1 male and female TNR’d – at Nancy (Manada)
2 tiger cats – end of street???? Male or female?? Females, pregnant, trapped and released under UGI box truck behind Radio Lab. **** JD
2 females – trapped??? – also had rodent ulcers
1 female – spayed – could be Spitfire’s mom – when spayed her kitties were all deformed
2 kittens rescued by Julie – (Manada 5 and 6) – died in route to get medical care
2 kittens rescued by Julie place w/surrogate mom – kittens died
2 female tigers TNR’d – Manada both pregnant, returned this week. **** JD
1 Male tiger – Manada – 9/02/14

4 Black Kittens (Marv, Winston, Jake, and Johnny Cat – aka Manada 1,2,3,4) – Fostered and Adopted by Jf Richards
5 Kittens (Buff,Daisy,Harrison,Cooper,Angelina) – (woodpile kitties found on Manada) Next to be s/n at PAWS clinic – being fostered by Loretta
1 Kitten (Lenox) (found on Lenox) – already neutered by PAWS being treated at this time – to be adopted through PAWS – being fostered by Loretta
3 kittens from Lenox’s litter placed by Julie
1 Kitten (Lizzy) (found on Lenox) too young to be spayed – being fostered by Loretta
3 Kittens (Tasha,Cloud,Christopher) – Can be spayed/neutered next clinic if room is available - being fostered by Loretta – working with them – a little shy
2 Black Kittens very sick and receiving care - part of Tasha/Cloud rescue – 1 kitten died
1 Kitten (Spitfire) – can be spayed at a later date – sick right now – several ticks removed from her and is running a low grade fever – also will need some TLC – was rushed for to the vets – has LUNG WORMS - being fostered by Loretta
1 Kitten – newborn – (Simba) – infested w/fleas – mom moved his two littermates – being fostered by Loretta (Nancy – Manada)
1 Kitten – Newborn tiger – Being fostered/bottlefed by Vet Tech – 9/02/14

NOTES: 1 dead kitten – part of woodpile litter – tortie kitten
1 dead cat found on Manada by resident – they buried the cat
1 friendly outside cat across from Donna’s needs placed – owner died – person caring for cat is moving and cannot take kitty

Targeted: 2 littermates to Christopher (Linda Stuck)
1 Black and White kitty – part of woodpile litter (Linda Stuck)
1 Dilute Tortie Female (Linda Stuck)
1 Black and White Mom and kittens on Lenox
Kittens around Tina’s on Lenox
Cats at Donna’s
Cats across from Donna’s
3 Russian Blue - 9/02/14
2 Tiger - 9/02/14
2 Black – 9/02/14
2 grey – 9/02/14
1 Tortie – 9/02/14

Why, oh why is every effort to reach out the public for more help in this matter grounded? Please step in and help this situation. The cats and kittens in this scenario did not ask for this abuse and do not deserve it. Please help!

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