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Cat found with collar embedded in neck rescued, urgently needs loving home

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Simba is a beautiful, loving boy who hopes to finally feel love, comfort, and security. This little tabby is only a few years old, but he's had a difficult life so far. Simba was found recently by rescuers with Lost & Found Pets Wa State, which helps Washington State residents reunite missing animals with their families.

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When Simba was rescued, he had a collar tightly embedded around his neck and arm. From the severity of his wounds, it looked like Simba had been in this predicament for months. He was taken to an emergency veterinarian to remove the maggots on his wound and for much-needed medical care. How he suffered before he was finally rescued is beyond imagination.

Simba's rescuers raised the money to provide the treatment that he needed. It wasn't hard to fall in love with the neglected little guy, who gratefully drank up the love and care. His rescuers, who already have cats of their own, were considering taking Simba into their own home until they received the results from Simba's blood work: Simba is FIV-positive.

FIV, which stands for feline immunodeficiency virus, is a retrovirus that is in the same family as the human AIDS virus. Transmission is typically through saliva to blood (from bites) and outdoor cats are more susceptible to the virus. FIV can only be transmitted between cats; humans cannot become infected with FIV. Approximately 2% of cats in the U.S. are infected with FIV.

Being FIV+ isn't a death sentence for a cat, though: cats with FIV can be relatively asymptomatic with high-protein diets and aggressive treatment of secondary infections. According to veterinarian Dr. Mike Richards, "Feline immundeficiency virus infection does not lead to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in cats as often as human immunodeficiency virus leads to AIDS in people. "

Simba's rescuers were devastated to find out that he has FIV, as he will need a home where he is an only cat. But they hope that by sharing his story, this hard-luck kitty can finally be fortunate enough to find a loving home. Simba's rescuer, Amanda Guarascio, stated: "We'll be getting him back from the vet in about two days, so it's urgent that we find him the perfect home as soon as possible."

Simba is a loving, kind boy who will need to be an indoor-only kitty and the only cat in the household because he does not like other cats. If you would like to adopt Simba, please email Amanda at wanderingpaws @ live .com or visit the Lost & Found Pets Wa State Facebook page.

This beautiful boy has had such a rough start in life - can you help him have the happily ever after that he deserves? If you can't offer Simba a home at this time, please share his story to help him find a loving family.