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Cat found tied to post in Dog Park in Honolulu

A local Hawaii couple/residents living in the Honolulu area attended an adoption event held by the Hawaii Humane Society on June 21, 2014. They adopted a black cat and were waived the fee for adoption. The black cat they adopted was found tied to a post in a dog park with shoelaces at the Ala Wai Dog Park at 2015 Kapiolani Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96826 two days after they adopted the cat. Fortunately a passerby noticed the cat in distress. The cat’s pet carrier that originated from Hawaii Humane Society was found in trash bin nearby the area where the people who adopted the cat live. If these people were not involved in this animal cruelty case, then why was the pet carrier in the trash? People who own pets keep the carriers to transport their pets to the veterinarian.

The Humane Society held an adoption event Feline Fest (see below) where the cat was originally adopted out to these people. The Hawaii Humane Society knows who these people are in this animal cruelty case. If you feel as strongly as I do against animal cruelty please contact Christina at Hawaii Humane Society or just call them at the number below to see if they're going to pursue charges in this case. It is not okay to tie a cat to a post and these people need to get the message loud and clear that they should never, and I repeat never own a pet or a living thing.

Feline Fest
Sunday, June 21
Hawaiian Humane Society

Whether you’re frisky or feral, all feline aficionados are invited to go cat crazy. Ample parking at Prince Kuhio Elementary School for this event held at the Hawaiian Humane Society. All feline adoption fees are waived on this day only.

Contact Christina Kam at or 356-2247 for more information.

The Humane Society knows who these people are and contacted them to check on the cat even though they had the knowledge the cat had been tied to a tree in the dog park by shoelaces. They asked the people how the cat was doing even though they knew the cat had been found tied to the post. Inquiring minds want to know if they truthfully confronted the people with the information about the cat situation. Did they tell the people they found their beloved cat tied to a tree?

The woman who had adopted the cat claimed that the cat had scratched her boyfriend and they no longer had the cat. Did the woman have an explanation for the pet carrier found in the trash or did she know that the cat had been tied to a post in the dog park? Unnamed sources claim that the Hawaii Humane Society intends to do absolutely nothing about these people who may have committed an act of cruelty on an innocent cat.

The Hawaii Humane Society needs to change its adoption policy to do more of a background search to avoid possible incidents like this in the future. Perhaps you know a man who has a cat scratch on his arm that he received in the past few days, between the days of June 22 and 24th. If you know this person contact Hawaii Humane Society or Honolulu Police Department. Research shows a direct link between animal cruelty and domestic violence. The person who tied his cat up needs to be held accountable for animal cruelty and anyone who witnessed it or had knowledge of it needs to be punished for not protecting the cat.

Update: the cat that was tied to the post in the dog park was found unharmed but traumatized. It is now back at Hawaii Humane Society.

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