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Cat breeds, Burmilla

The Burmilla is the newest breed in the Cat Fancy Association register.
The Burmilla is the newest breed in the Cat Fancy Association register.
Cat Fancy Association

The newest registered breed in the Cat Fancy Association, (CFA) the Burmilla is an ideal pet not only because of its gentle character but its breeding encourages a competitive personality.

This breed originated in the 1980’s by Baroness Miranda Von Kirchberg. She bought a Chinchilla Persian as gift for her husband. The cat escaped the confines of their home just before he was taken to the veterinarian to be neutered and mated with a Lilac Burmese. Von Kirchberg found the resulting litter in 1981 so enchanting that she decided to develop the breed.

Having the kitten-like personality of the Burmese through adulthood and the calmness of the Persian, the Burmilla makes an ideal family pet. They are easily maintained cats, affectionate to their owners and are gentle with children.

These independent and intelligent cats are easily trained for agility competition. They do well in the show ring and make good therapy cats. Because of their versatility, they are a complementary addition to any cat loving family.

The coat is white with tan to lilac points on the face. The length of the coat is long or semi-long and feathers at the bottom line, the legs and chest. The texture is silky and needs minimum grooming. Large yellow-green eyes become more green as adults. Their heads are short and round with small ears. The body is short coupled.

The CFA does not support declawing but encourages proper training. The association promotes a clean environment and good, healthy nutrition. Breeders do not release kittens until they are about sixteen weeks old. This assures the breeder that the kittens are well socialized and have had all of their shots. It is recommended that these cats be kept indoors, neutered or spayed and to keep acceptable surfaces around the house for scratching posts.

Milwaukee area residence can find more detailed information about the Burmilla at the Milwaukee Public Library. The breed is rarely found in the United States so Milwaukee area residents who are interested in purchasing a Burmilla can find reputable breeders on the CFA website.

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