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Cat Attack NYC Butcher Shop

Kitty Attack
Kitty Attack
Boston Public Library,

I love stories through History, and here is a great tale from the past by

The article first ran in 1914's New York Sun~ Here is what it said~

"Policeman James Kenny, trudging along James Street at 10 o'clock last night, heard horrendous sounds coming from the market of Brighton Beef Company at No. 72. A hundred drunken burglars couldn't have made more noise.

Kenny, remembering that a bomb went off in front of this same market six months ago and blew the store front to pieces, blew his whistle and thumped his night stick for assistance. Seven other patrolmen came running.

They stole up to the door with pistols pointed. They lunged together and burst in. Twenty-five cats fled at their approach. The cats were of all sizes and colors. They had been hungry, but were no longer. They had eaten every scrap of meat in the market -- chicken and beef and everything else, and were fighting over the bones.

The eight policemen pocketed their pistols but swung their clubs. They also said 'Scat!' and the cats ran into the street and scurried through the East Side with great news for their tribe. There were no arrests.

The police suspected that some rival butcher had collected the cats, starved them and thrown them through the transom of the Brighton Beef Company's store."

* I have complete admiration for the writing style of that era, and love to reflect on how journalism transformed throughout history.

You can read the original articles here:

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