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Cat advocacy must start somewhere

Jed Hammen nursing Hope.
Jed Hammen nursing Hope.
KCCI 8 News

Not every rescue can be as large at Best Friends or Helen Woodward Animal Center, but as long as they are advocating, cats, kittens, puppies and dogs are being saved, serviced and rehomed. Jed Hammen is one such feline advocate, willing to work from the bottom to get to the top.

Hammen has converted his basement into what is now called Hope Animal Rescue. Jed began his venture when he was inspired by a surviving kitten.

Last summer, Hope and her brood of kitten brothers arrived on Jed Hammen’s doorstep. At this point, he did not realize that this simple plea for help would begin in him a charitable mission.

You see, Hope and her brothers were all ridden with fleas and ticks; sick and downtrodden. Most people would have just shut the door to the needy creatures, but not Jed. Instead this man, sympathetic to the young animals’ plight nursed the litter around the clock. Even though his efforts were sincere, one by one the kittens perished – all except Hope. She was the one surviving kitten!

"I was really inspired. If a little kitten could survive something like that, then I could start this which has always been a dream of mine,” Hammen said.

So, now he is in the process of converting his basement into Hope Animal Rescue which is set to open shortly. In fact, this man is so dedicated to rescuing cats and kittens that he is willing to give up any free time to do so. You see, Jed Hammen also works not one, but two full-time jobs.

He does not feel that the added responsibility will be a stressor though. In fact, he feels as though re-homing animals will be a stress relief for him he only wants the animals to find a loving forever home and be happy.

Although Jed is awaiting the final approval from a last-minute inspection, he is hoping that Hope Animal Rescue will be up and running no later than June. He wants this to be a birthday gift to Hope.

Everyone must begin somewhere. Both Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and Helen Woodward Animal Center have been in operation for over 40 years. There are constant changes that occur; restructuring to get the rescue mission down pat.

It is not easy to get an animal rescue going, but once it is going, it is certain to have a group of supporters that will do their best to see it continue to strive forward. Best of luck to Jed Hammen and his efforts to save kittens like Hope from further harm; animal lovers everywhere appreciate your hard work and dedication!

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