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Casual Male Big and Tall stores offer clothes to men who are huge

The Casual Male Sales Associate is ready to help big and tall men
Photo by Professor Metze

When a sales associate tells a customer that he or she is not fat; but, merely big boned, it is generally assumed to be a sales pitch. However, in the case of sales associates at the Casual Male Big and Tall store the pitch may actually be the truth.

The quality that made basketball coaches drool in 1968 proved to be a problem in college in 1975 when stores did not have pants to fit a 6’6” frame and stores did not stock size 15 EEE shoes. The later problem caused permanent damage to the feet from wearing cowboy boots that were too small. There is no way to reduce weight in the feet to make normal size shoes fit huge feet.

The world of fashion was created for average sized people. However, in 1976 all of that changed with creation of Casual Male Big and Tall stores. Imagine a store with clothes that actually fit 6’6” and taller men.

Calvin Margolis and Stanley Berger created a place where men who were born big and tall could find clothes that were made for men of size and strength. Today the chain has grown to over 3000 employees with revenue of over 400 million. It is the largest retailer of tall and big men clothing in the world.

The joy of being told, “We can get that for you,” as opposed to hearing jokes about going to the boat section for shoes or being asked if losing 50 pounds will shrink a 6’6” man. Very funny, indeed. Apart from the "How's the weather up there," and "Can you reach that for me," comments being big and tall has few rewards away from the basketball court. The world was designed for normal sized people.

For men 6’6” and over going to a regular retail department store for suits, shirts, and pants is generally an effort in futility. These stores welcome customers of normal size. Serving as a Holiday Seasonal Associate at Macy's to provide healthcare insurance for a son’s extra year of college, taught the present writer a lesson in how frustrating it is for tall and big men to find suits that fit them.

A Macy’s buyer explained the dilemma in clear and precise terms. Large department store chains purchase clothes that sell to the largest customer base. For example, if Macy’s stocked 15 EEE shoes in mass they would lose money because very few people can wear a 15 EEE shoe. It is not discrimination against men who wear 15 EEE shoes. It is basic economics. It is supply and demand. Casual Male XL solved the problem.

In Washington, big and tall customers can find clothes that fit them at Casual Male XL on 1020 Connecticut Avenue, NW, near the Farragut North Metro. If parking is a problem there is a Casual Male in District Heights that offers great customer service and ample parking. For more information go to

Tall and big men should remember the sales associate at Casual Male said you are not fat. You are big and tall.

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