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Castting Pope Benedict as 'the victim'


  • Mary 6 years ago

    I so had to laugh at this article. This is not a policy. I assure you that the Pope also doesn't think of himself as the victim. Perhaps if you really took the time to read him and understand him - emphasis on the understand, you'd find something different than the caricature created. You might find that he sees two sets of victims here - the sex abuse victims and the body of Christ meaning us all, not the structures. I doubt I'll convince you or your readers of this but this Pope is genuine - or else there wouln't be so much hatred.

  • John H. 6 years ago

    I too believe that the church--from laity to pope--needs to address honestly and humbly why abuse occurs (in the church and society), why perpetrators are enabled and victims shunned. Defensiveness is the wrong attitude, even if lies or errors are mixed in with truths in reporting. Deconstructing the church also seems to me counter-productive. The focus should be fixed both on reaching out to victims, acknowledging their suffering and offering appropriate help, and also on renewing what is good in the church when its members are living up to their faith-a preferential option for the poor, confronting evil beginning with ourselves,upholding the dignity of all humans and the goodness of creation, affirming that spirituality and community are a part of human existence. I admire Benedict XVI. Unlike others in the church who take the defensive spin, he has not defended himself nor his church. But he speaks about what Catholics must believe, teach, and live so that abuse and dishonesty end.

  • Frank 6 years ago

    Kevin, as a "religion and spirituality examiner" try and examine the facts instead of just going along with atrocious reporting by mainstream media. It's true that Bill Donohue comes across like a recently unmuzzled pitbull, I'll give you that. Yet, that bad experience isn't indicative of all Catholics or the truth. As an "examiner" I would imagine that your job entails investigating deeper, unless you examine only the surface. If that is the case, just keep following the ways of the cultural winds. When Christianity returns to favour, I look forward to reading your article which will, no doubt, contradict this one.

  • SYD 6 years ago

    It is part of an ongoing pattern in modern culture.... to paint perpetrators as victims. Pope Benedict is no exception. He can stand on the podium right next to Tiger as far as I am concerned. And they can both spout their "I'm sorries" until the cows come home....

  • Peter Precep 6 years ago

    We hear a lot about clerical sex abuse, what about clerical educational abuse? I am victim of that abuse plus in Pontifical College. After second year of high school I went for a year in monk Novitiate, after returning as monk, I was forced to skip 3rd year of High School and continue with 4th year plus they gave me full time job of being in charge of 100 students. They crippled my education for life ( that gap in education is missing link in my education, especially regarding math, chem, phys etc.) and stressed me to limit that even physically manifested, I had all kind of digestive problems.
    Should Pope Benedict apologize to me for clerical educational abuse that I went through on Vatican ground?

  • David 6 years ago

    I think Jesus said it best that for anyone abusing children they should have a millstone hung around their neck and be cast into the depths of the sea.

  • scott 5 years ago

    yap, pope benedict defended that pedophile priest. why are catholics still putting money in the collection plates?

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