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'Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2' Toy Maker's puzzle solved

"Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2" was just released on February 25. Some people may be happy to see that the Toy Maker, from “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate” is back and with a puzzle that tells his origin story. When you reach the Toy Maker's theater, you will be presented with a puzzle in the form of a stage play. A narrator puppet will come to life an begin the tale. By choosing the correct choices you gain extra skill points, so it's important to get them right on the first try.

Toy Maker's play narrator
Toy Maker's play narrator

"Ladies and gentleman! Boys and girls. If the dream of reason produces monsters the theater dispels them with its magic. Now be afraid before the conjurer who conquered the creatures of the night with his genius and his heart. Give a big round of applause for the mighty Toy Maker!

The famous and beloved Toy Maker, we will learn has a sad fate over his head. For in spite of his goodness a path of tragedy and death he will tread. Day and night in his workshop he labors he hammers, he sweats and he fasts. And with every blow he strikes sighs fly from his soul to the figures he crafts."

You will now be prompted to choose puppet characters and settings for the story that the narrator puppet is telling. The puppets available to choose are the Toy Maker, Walter Bernhard, Demon and Kid. The settings available are the Castle, Theater and Workshop.

"The famous and beloved Toy Maker… Day and night in his workshop."

Choose the Toy Maker puppet and the Workshop scene.

"His fame spreads in whispers across the land far and wide. Until his name is known and respected by every man and child. One fateful day a Nobleman knocks at his workshop door. He’s jolted from his work with a start. The promises and smiles of Walter Bernhard conceal a dark, perfidious heart."

Add Walter Bernhard’s puppet to the scene.

"Walter offers a roof, friendship, protection, a hearth. The Bernhards’ castle will be a dazzling mansion for the old Toy Maker and worthy of his craft.

A curse on you, Walter Bernhard, for deceiving such a good soul! May you be damned to spend all eternity in Hell’s darkest hole!"

Choose the Castle setting.

"Our hero works away happily in the castle of his dreams. But soon we will see his perfidious master’s purpose is not what it seems.

Oh my God! This is no castle, but a prison!

Poor Toy Maker, now you understand how close is your perdition!

Hide yourselves boys and girls. Walter Bernhard is preparing an invocation here! A terrible creature of Hell is about to appear!"

Add the Demon to the scene.

"Oh no! The demon is conjuring a charm! Take cover now if you are easily alarmed!

Oh no! The Toy Maker’s talent now comes to his perfidious benefactor’s aid. Far behind him now are the toys and the theater he had made. Oh, if only to undo his vile spell there were some chance and so release the good Toy Maker from the grip of his vile trance."

Change in the Theater setting and add the Kid puppet.

"His mind may be in a fog but the Toy Maker’s good heart shines through, you can tell. And a little love is all it takes to destroy the terrible spell. But now you must think fast, Toy Maker, your situation is dire. Walter Bernhard is returning. I don’t know how you can escape from this mire!

Oh what a terrible and fortune idea, boys and girls! Come on, little one, hold onto that heart so pure and true. In a distant and hopeful future you may return it to the one who gave it to you.

Ladies and gentleman, this is the heart of a man whose goodness went deep. Listen now and decide if you will wake him from his long sleep."

This will lead into a boss fight with the Toy Maker and his puppets.

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