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‘Castle’ season finale: Is Castle’s wedding off? Beckett is already married

Stana Katic plays NYPD Detective Kate Beckett on Castle
Stana Katic plays NYPD Detective Kate Beckett on Castle
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The “Castle” season finale should have bells ringing as Richard Castle's nuptials are only an episode away, but there might be a wrench thrown into the plans. Detective Kate Beckett divulges a secret that she already has exchanged vows to another man. The shocking season finale has fans on the edge of their seats wondering what the couple might do to make everything work out. This “Castle” spoiler is for the season finale and viewers who don’t want to know more details should stop reading. According to the Huffington Post on Saturday, there is a solution, but it requires a favor be given to Beckett’s soon-to-be ex-husband.

The intensity of Castle and Beckett's long-awaited wedding is almost here and the characters are having some last minute jitters, but nothing has people ready for Beckett’s announcement that she once was married in Vegas. The trip was a drunken blur with current husband Rogan O'Leary (who is played by guest star Eddie McClintock) and he doesn't remember much. According to TV Guide, the man doesn't mind signing the papers to end the marriage, but he does ask for a favor first.

Looking to move on as quickly as possible, Castle and Beckett decide to go on the mission, but they didn't expect to see masked men, angry bikers and a bit of history from Beckett's interesting past. Hopefully the favor will be repaid in time to make sure the couple can be at the ceremony and live happily ever after!

As fans think about the season of “Castle” everyone realizes just how much the couple has grown together. Even a ridiculous oversight of being married for years shouldn't step in the way of true love, but that doesn't stop the angry bikers that need to be outmaneuvered in the finale episode of the season.

“Castle” airs on Monday night at 10 p.m. on ABC.