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‘Castle’ recap ‘Veritas'; Season 6 finale spoilers ‘For Better or Worse'

'Castle' season 6 'Veritas'
'Castle' season 6 'Veritas'
"Castle" ABC Facebook

The season six finale of “Castle” airs Monday, May 12. As previewed by ABC, Castle and Beckett will hopefully be saying, “I do.” There’s a stumbling block, though, on their path to wedded bliss…Kate is already married.

According to the synopsis for this episode titled ‘For Better or Worse,’ as provided by ABC, a shocking surprise threatens to ruin Castle and Beckett’s long-awaited wedding. This surprise sends them on a mission filled with men in masks, angry bikers and a charming individual from Kate’s past. (The surprise: Probably Kate’s past nuptials) (The charmer: Probably Kate’s newly discovered hubby)

The wedding between Castle and Beckett is highly anticipated. Another highly anticipated storyline was closure for Kate surrounding the death of her mother. Last week, Kate finally succeeded in arresting Senator Bracken in the May 5 episode titled “Veritas.” (This arrest was the perfect wedding present for Beckett, who missed the opportunity of being able to share the experience of planning her wedding with her mother.)

Here is a recap of how the events transpired in “Veritas”:

Fun fact: During this episode, it is discovered that Castle and Kate are getting married in two weeks. (One week after the airdate of “Veritas.”) Kate tells Castle, “I love you.” His response, “Yeah, well, you better. It’s two weeks until the wedding, and it’s too late to return the tux.”

Now, on to the heaviness of this dramatic episode…

Kate is doing surveillance, a secret project between her and Castle, on a man named Jason Marks, a connection between Vulcan Simmons and Senator Bracken. The next morning, Jason Marks is found dead. His murder happened shortly after Kate saw Marks being picked up by a car. Esposito discovers that the driver was Vulcan Simmons.

Captain Gates pulls Kate off the case since she has a history with Vulcan Simmons, who is being brought in for questioning. Kate, however decides to do some more investigating on her own after she finds out from Ryan that they had to release Simmons since his lawyers claimed it wasn’t him in the photo and since no vehicles are registered to his name.

While Castle is sleeping, she sneaks out to a truck repair shop she saw in photos she has of Simmons from her surveillance of him over the past six weeks, hoping to find the vehicle. She finds the car with blood all over the passenger seat, just as Simmons confronts her. She doesn’t have a warrant and is trespassing, but she tells him that she isn’t leaving until she gets some answers to her questions.

Esposito phones Castle, waking him up, asking for Kate who isn’t there, but Castle doesn’t inform Esposito of that information. Esposito tells Castle that Kate is being put back on the case. The reason…Vulcan Simmons has been murdered.

Kate tells Castle that yes, she was there, after Esposito and Ryan tell him that a witness saw a good-looking brunette woman sneaking out of the property. She tells Castle that she’s not the killer, but she was tempted. Kate and Castle agree to keep her secret confrontation with Simmons between them. Unfortunately, Kate receives a call from Lanie, who tells her that Simmons was killed with Kate’s gun.

Simmons was shot with a bullet from Kate’s back up gun, and Kate is being framed for his murder. Beckett goes on the run from Internal Affairs, and is labeled a fugitive cop. Together, her and Castle search for a way to prove her innocence. Before Castle left the precinct, Esposito and Ryan gave him some information. Jason Marks was seen with a man fitting the description of Michael Smith, Montgomery’s old friend, who is supposed to be dead.

Smith is alive. After questioning the doctor who signed off on Smith’s death, Castle receives a call from Smith, and he agrees to meet up with Kate and Castle. He tells Kate and Castle that there is a tape out there with Bracken admitting to murder. He also tells them that Jason Marks was killed because Marks was planning to expose Bracken’s corrupt finances. Smith advises Kate to run because if she doesn’t, Bracken will kill her.

Captain Gates knows that Kate is innocent, but she tells Esposito and Ryan that she can’t protect her if she doesn’t know the full story, so Esposito and Ryan bring her up-to-date on the truth surrounding the murder of Kate’s mother, Johanna.

When Castle leaves Beckett alone in their safe house, Senator Bracken shows up with armed men. Kate dares Bracken to kill her himself, but instead he leaves his men in charge of her death. Their plan is to make Kate’s death look like a suicide, but Kate outsmarts them, and takes them out. She does, however, end up with a head injury since one of the men hit her in the head with a bottle. Castle finds her and takes off with her, ready to disappear to Canada, but as they’re driving Kate has a memory of Montgomery. She realizes that Montgomery is the one who made the tape, and also realizes that her mom probably hid it somewhere.

Esposito and Ryan are able to sneak Castle and Kate into Kate’s place. When Kate and Castle are looking through Johanna’s belongings, the police swarm in. Kate is arrested, and so are Castle, Esposito and Ryan. Back at the precinct, Kate realizes that the audiotape may be in the elephant decoration on her desk, which was her mom’s. The tape is found, and it contains the proof of Bracken being a killer.

As Bracken is doing a live TV interview, Beckett walks in. By the look on Bracken’s face, he is surprised to see that Kate is alive. She places him under arrest on live TV.

“I found the tape,” she tells him. “I found it. It’s over. Senator Bracken, you are under arrest for conspiracy, fraud and the murder of my mother, Johanna Beckett.”

After six seasons, Bracken will finally pay for his crimes. Castle tells Beckett, “She’s proud of you, wherever she is, she’s proud.” Beckett and Castle embrace, and she tells him, “I never could’ve done this without you.”

“Castle” airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. The hit ABC show has already been renewed for a seventh season.

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