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'Castle' season 6 episode 18 photos: There's a ninja after Castle and Beckett

'Castle' season 6 episode 18 photos for "The Way of the Ninja"
'Castle' season 6 episode 18 photos for "The Way of the Ninja"
ABC/Nicole Wilder

Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) are going to be in some serious trouble in "Castle" episode 618, "The Way of the Ninja," for which ABC released promotional photos on Monday, March 3.

'Castle' season 6 episode 18 "The Way of the Ninja"
ABC/Nicole Wilder

In this upcoming "Castle" episode, a Japanese ballet dancer is mysteriously murdered, and their investigation uncovers a secret life and evidence she was killed by a ninja. But wait, it gets better. Not only are they looking for a ninja as their primary suspect, that ninja is coming after them. Plus, Arye Gross is back as Perlmutter. This sounds like it's going to be one fun case.

It looks like Castle may have found evidence in the slideshow of "The Way of the Ninja" photos, but he seems to be a bit too distracted presumably getting ready to show it to Beckett because it looks like that's when the ninja comes up behind him. Castle is in for quite the surprise when he turns around.

"Castle" season 6 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC. "The Way of the Ninja" airs March 17. What do you think of these episode 18 photos?

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