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‘Castle’ fans express outrage; season finale viewers cheated out of wedding

Nathan Fillion
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

The fans of “Castle” are fuming at the show after watching the season finale on Monday night. After committing to an entire season and watching Kate Beckett and Richard Castle express their love, the final moments of the show didn't offer up a picture perfect moment. According to Yahoo TV on Monday, the moment that had the bride looking beautiful was cut short and there was no vows exchanged.

So how are the fans feeling about this “Castle” ending? Well, the forums of ABC are filling up with angry comments about the show’s ending. As one viewer wrote, they were “feeling cheated” after waiting so long to see the characters come together. Another viewers said they weren't coming back in the fall after being teased all season about a wedding that never happened.

There was a sense of oddity for the season finale show. The bride had picked her gown, the groomsmen were decided upon and finally a place for the wedding was chosen. So why didn't the couple just stroll in front of their friends and family to exchange vows? Well, that would not have been a cliffhanger now would it? Technically the couple is married as there was a license waved around, but still a wedding would have been great to see.

The “Castle” fans who have watched the show from the beginning are going to feel strung along once again. Cliffhangers over the summer months seem to push off major events including the proposal between Castle and Beckett and when Beckett got shot (see, we watch the show too.) Every time there is a major event, it appears that the show pushes it off to grab more people for the premiere of the next season.

The “Castle” season finale could have been a beautiful wedding episode. One that offered up a chance to see the couple come together and finally kiss as husband and wife. Now the image of Kate running down a street is what the fans get to remember until the new season starts.

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