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‘Castle’ creator dishes on season 7: Richard Castle is alive, fans owed wedding

Nathan Fillion
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

The “Castle” season finale has everyone talking. The popular ABC show had many viewers looking for their pitchforks on Monday night after the wedding that was hinted all season long was prolonged until next season. While series creator Andrew W. Marlowe is aware that he might be the least liked guy by the fans (for at least a week or maybe longer) over this decision to leave the wedding hanging, he is standing by his decision to string out the story a little longer. According to TV Line on Monday, Andrew W. Marlowe acknowledges that he owes the “Castle” fans a wedding.

Sharing the philosophy of the show, there were a few nuggets of information that “Castle” fans are going to be glad to hear. If everyone is worried that Castle won’t return, fear not. Nathan Fillion has signed on for Season 7 and will be sticking around after the car crash. It is safe to assume the character is not dead and can still make comic book connections when he is found and feeling better.

Another issue at hand is the wedding between Kate Beckett and Richard Castle. Andrew W. Marlowe acknowledges that he owes the fans a wedding. Apparently it is coming and the next season might give a big showering of matrimony that everyone is waiting to see happen. How Kate and Castle's relationship plays out depends on how the writers chose to string along the viewers for season seven (and we all know they can do that pretty well.)

For “Castle” fans it is important to put the pitchforks back in the closets and enjoy the summer. With season seven on the way and word that Richard Castle’s possible wedding will happen at some point, the energy of being disappointment can be better spent doing other things. One day the lead character will get married and whether to tune in is going to be the question everyone will face.

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