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'Castle' 6x23 'For Better or Worse': Fighting for their fairytale

Castle: "No, Mrs. O’Leary, I’m not okay."
Castle: "No, Mrs. O’Leary, I’m not okay."
Photo Courtesy Of Danny Feld/ABC.

Castle: “They’ve got a lot in common. She can talk about all the people she’s put in prison, and he can talk about all the people he’s met in prison.”

“For Better or Worse” is the May 12 episode of "Castle." Beware this article contains spoilers. "Castle" returns this fall on ABC (KTRK).

The “case” of the episode is very lighthearted. It is amusing and funny. There really isn’t a moment where it comes across serious in any way. The mobster tie is just thrown in there, but it’s forgivable. Sadly, the writers don’t use this as an opportunity to reveal more of what Beckett, excuse me, KitKat, was like in college. Rogan could have definitely thrown in an anecdote or two, or referenced more of what Beckett was like. He could have even made a comment about how/if she has changed. What are your thoughts on Rogan?

The wedding stuff is cute, especially when it comes to Alexis being on top of everything. It would have been nice to focus a little more on that. We never learn if Ryan got his tux fixed or anything. Still, for the most part, the wedding prep is good. The writers should not have done all the “what if this is a sign” garbage. Been there, done that, it’s really not necessary. I mean yeah if Beckett called off the wedding because of it, then show it. We all know they are going to get married. Did you enjoy the wedding prep storylines?

Okay, you know how last week I said it would be better if we wrapped up the Bracken stuff in a two parter? This episode proves even more that that should have happened. The ending is just ridiculous. Would it be so bad to end the season without a cliffhanger? Just let them get married. I would have rather have the cliffhanger come at the end of a two parter dealing with Bracken and Vulcan Simmons than have this happen. If it is revealed next season that the crash is because of Bracken, I will be even more upset.

What did you think of the episode? Were you happy with it? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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