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'Castle' 6x22 'Veritas': Help from an old friend

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Beckett: “I love you.”

Castle: “Yeah, well, you better. It’s two weeks ‘til the wedding, and it’s too late to return the tux.”

“Veritas” is the May 5 episode of "Castle." Beware this article contains spoilers. The season finale of "Castle" airs next Monday night at 9 p.m. central on ABC (KTRK).

The beginning of the episode had me worried. Beckett, alone, in a car running surveillance on someone spells disaster. Thankfully, she has learned since the last time she did someone all on her own – Castle is the loop. Even though Beckett does run out and do things without telling Castle at that very moment, she doesn’t keep anything else from her. She is honest about what happened and everything. This is great character growth for her. She trusts Castle enough to bring him in the loop. Was anyone else relieved when it was revealed that Castle was in on her late night activities?

Vulcan Simmons is back! Vulcan Simmons is dead! Vulcan Simmons was shot by Beckett’s back up gun? What? The set up twist is great, but we never truly learn what happened with Vulcan. I wish there was more of an investigation into what happened. There is never a look into how Beckett’s gun was stolen. No one even really shifts through her apartment, which easily could have been done by Ryan and Esposito. We shift focus onto Beckett fleeing from the law and pursuing Bracken, and so after we learn of the frame job, we never go back to it again.

Gates is amazing during this episode. I don’t think I have ever liked her more. After being filled in by Castle, Ryan and Esposito fill in Gates. There is a lot of trust there for them to tell her everything about Beckett’s mom’s murder. It would have been nice to see Gates try to protect Beckett more, but at least we get her forcibly lowering the gun of the IA captain who drew it once Beckett went for the elephants.

Montgomery told Beckett where to look long ago. I love how we got to see their first meeting. He didn't know her at all, but he helped her in ways she didn't even comprehend yet. This further highlights how much Montgomery cared for her, and it brought back the pain of his death all over again. We don't see flashbacks very often, but now I want more. I want to see how everyone met one another. Did anyone else love seeing Captain Montgomery again?

The scene where Beckett arrests Bracken is absolutely perfect. There were tears in my eyes. The writers handled this so well. It’s hard not to feel proud of Beckett and the entire team. Everyone has their moment with Bracken. Ryan and Esposito even get to put in the squad car. We have been waiting six seasons for this, and it is very satisfying, emotionally. Did anyone else love it?

What did you think of the episode? Did anyone else’s heart break at Lanie’s shaking hands when she tells Beckett that the ballistics match her gun? Are you glad this mystery is finally wrapped up? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.