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'Castle' 6x20 sneak peek: Castle and Beckett go back in time

Fans of "Castle" have been missing Castle and Beckett on their television screens, but the series is getting ready for its next episode on ABC, "Castle" episode 6x20 titled "That '70s Show." As the title suggests, the 1970s will play a huge role during this episode. On April 17, Spoilers Guide shared a sneak peek for the episode.

Castle and Beckett will go back in time to get the information they need.
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During this clip, the precinct and everyone in it will go back in time and dress up to look like it is still the 1970s. This is done to get a man to talk about a cold case involving a mob hit. He will have information that could solve the case, but he thinks it is still the long gone decade. This clip shows Castle picking up the man and bringing him in for questioning. At the end of the clip, Castle realizes that there is a flaw to their plan.

Give Me My Remote did offer a few more teasers for this '70s themed episode. It will remain present time during the episode. The characters will only dress up to look the part. The man will not be too thrilled about a woman cop, so Castle will need to step up a bit. He is even given a nickname for the episode that he loves. The wedding planning will also continue, and the couple will have more issues to deal with when it comes to Castle's mom. However, she will be helpful to the pair when it comes to the investigation.

This series has been off the air for a few weeks, so this episode is a fun way to jump back into the action. It is not clear if "Castle" will return to ABC for a season seven yet. ABC has not made many decisions about its line-up for next fall yet. This series is still a big draw with loyal fans though. That could help it return for another season.

What do you think? Are you ready to see Castle and Beckett take on the disco decade? Do you want another season of this ABC series?

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