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'Castle' 6x17 'In the Belly of the Beast': Beckett goes undercover

Beckett: "It’s two o’clock. I’m in my pjs, reading the newspaper. I never do this."
Beckett: "It’s two o’clock. I’m in my pjs, reading the newspaper. I never do this."
Nicole Wilder/ABC

Beckett: “I need you to know that our partnership, our relationship, is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.”

Gates: "Gentlemen, we have a situation."
Nicole Wilder/ABC

“In the Belly of the Beast” is tonight’s episode of "Castle." Beware this article contains spoilers. To review the last case file, click here. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from the episode. "Castle" returns on March 17th on ABC (KTRK).

Beckett’s presence is requested by Captain Fowler from Narcotics. He wants her to impersonate a woman who just came forward. No one really expected this to be an easy mission, did they? There are great things about this case. It is interesting to see Beckett out on her own, trying to figure out more about the woman she is impersonating. The writers actually make it believable that Beckett killed a guy. It was a fantastic scene, and the shots that were chosen definitely made you wonder whether or not Beckett pulled the trigger. One thing that still confuses me is why Elena came to the cops in the first place. Does she really want out or did someone (Senator Bracken) want Beckett to go in? What did you think of Beckett undercover?

Okay, before I say anything, let me just say that I love “Castle,” and I have been watching since the beginning. However, I did not recognize Vulcan Simmons by voice, face, or name. He looked vaguely familiar, but I had to do some googling. He appeared in season three. Knockdown was the episode he was in, and it aired in 2011. My memory is not that great. The writers dropped some clues as to how he and Beckett know each other (she accused him of killing his mother), but that is all that was given in terms of a refresher. It would have been nice to have a bit more, and I’m sure the shock value of seeing him was great for those who remembered him. The twist that Senator Bracken might be Lazarus, on the other hand, was a good one. He has been in multiple episodes, and so I didn’t have any issue remembering who he was. Did anyone else not know who Vulcan was on site?

Here are quick thoughts on elsewhere in the episode. The writers manage to set up this case pretty well, considering that Beckett is having to jump into an investigation three months after it began. There are times when writers of a procedural can’t make you understand a case that quickly. What is unclear is how this case will resurface. It isn’t a homicide case (yet), and so therefore, it is unclear how it will cross Beckett’s path again. Perhaps she will pursue it off books since it involves both Vulcan and Senator Bracken. What did you think of the episode?

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