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'Castle' 6x11 sneak peek: Castle and Beckett poke fun at the wedding

Will Ryan make it out of the burning building alive?
The Castle ABC Facebook

"Castle" will return to ABC with an all-new episode later tonight, and now fans are being given another look at the episode, "Castle" episode 6x11 titled "Under Fire." On Sunday, Jan. 5, The Castle ABC Facebook shared a new behind the scenes photo from the filming of the episode. Spoilers Guide also shared a new sneak peek for the episode.

Fire will play a major role on tonight's new episode, and that is made clear in the new behind the scenes photo. The sneak peek for the episode show Beckett, Castle, and Ryan at a crime scene where fire destroyed a location. Their victim was inside at the time of the fire. The trio will discuss Ryan's pending arrival to the family, but Ryan will turn the table on Castle. He tells the writer that he should be thinking of a date for his wedding to Beckett. Castle pokes fun at the suggestion.

As for Ryan, his wife is about to deliver at any moment, but she will go into labor when Ryan is stuck in a burning building. That fact was shown in a previously released sneak peek for this week's episode. Juliana Dever plays Jenny Ryan on the series, and she teased the following about the episode in an interview with TV Fanatic:

It's far more dramatic than you might expect. It's one of those things where Kevin and Jenny have always planned that Kevin will be there with her in the hospital when this happens. It turns out that he gets trapped in a burning building with Esposito and Jenny rushes, in labor to be by his side rather than go to the hospital. So there's a great concern about whether Kevin is going to be there for the delivery, but even bigger is will he even be there to see his child.

Will Ryan make it out of the building in time for the arrival of his baby? "Castle" will air tonight on ABC.

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