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'Casting' film crew continues search for perfect shoot locations (Photos)

On Jan. 7, 2014, a United Film & Television Artists (UFTA) film crew rep announced that the perfect shoot locations for the film "Casting" have not yet been found. A new search is under way.

shooting on location
shooting on location
Shooting on Location in "Days of Old," Photo: Wiki
Shooting of Film
Shooting Film in 1950, Photo: Wiki/Chalmers Butterfield

The film's director of photography (DP), Ernest Lasso de la Vega, shared that beginning today he will continue to search for shoot locations. The new area searched will be in Fort Myers, Fla. UFTA did find one location recently in Naples, but they feel they need another.

The film is produced by UFTA out of Southwest Florida, and the president of UFTA, Al Quinn, who is also the co-producer of "Casting" is on top of things and in agreement with the film's DP.

"Yes, we have been in search for the perfect locations for our film. It is not something we can just jump into. What was perfect last year, or even last month, is not necessarly going to work for us this month.

Remember too, here in Lee County many films have been shot. 'Just Cause' starring Sean Connery is one of them. The area is also known to be the past residence of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and other icons!"

For different reasons, the film locations' search results have changed. Instead of quiting, though, the crew continues to look.

"I have faith in our film crew and know they will find the perfect locations for our film."

Al Quinn, 84, is no stranger to the entertainment industry. This is, however, the first time that he is part of being behind the scenes.

"I have worked in 'show biz' for over half my life, and that's a long time! I'm excited to be part of creating a film as well, and yes, I will also be in it. I will portray the film's producer, how original!"

Quinn told that all the principal and supporting parts have been cast for in this film, but that the search continues for miscellaneous background talent.

Note, "Casting" is a short, and its genre is a combination of documentary and comedy. It can be found at Internet Movie Data Base (

For more information about the film and UFTA visit at various links above. One can also go to United Film & Television Artists (UFTA), UFTA President Al Quinn or contact

Enjoy video above on "10 Real Life Film Locations."

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