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Casting Crowns' Mark Hall talks new album and book

Casting Crowns
Casting Crowns
The Underground

As far as contemporary Christian bands go, Casting Crowns is the epitome of consistency. The band has unwaveringly dropped record upon record and hit after hit–all while staying true to its theme, uniqueness and core elements.

With the release of Casting Crowns’ highly anticipated 2014 album, “Thrive,” The Underground had a chat with Mark Hall.

The level of Casting Crowns's consistency is glaring and undeniable, the band has dropped records upon records, hits after hits while staying true to their theme, uniqueness and core elements. Casting Crowns has achieved several groundbreaking milestones - nine No. 1 singles and album sales surpassing 8 million. They have sold more records than chart toppers such as Katy Perry, One Direction, Bruno Mars, to name a few. Two American Music Awards , a Grammy award , two Billboard Music Awards, one RIAA 2x multi- Platinum album, three RIAA Platinum albums, two RIAA Platinum DVDs, six RIAA Gold albums, four Gold DVDs and four RIAA Gold certified digital singles Their last studio album “Come To the Well" which was released in 2012 was one of the few albums that made it into the top 20 Christian albums of Billboard's year-end chat in 2013. They hold the position as Billboard’s top selling act in Christian music since 2007.

Needless to say that the band has managed to stay relevant and consistent remaining a household name in the Christian world, something a lot of Christian groups can’t boast of.

The Underground had a very incredible talk about “Thrive” the album and “Thrive – Digging Deep, Reaching Out,” the book. (Hall penned the book with Tim Luke. The book will bring to focus more insight on the songs heard on the album.)

Below is the transcript.

The Underground (Michael Ernest): What’s your favorite Casting Crowns album?

Casting Crowns (Mark Hall): This one.

The Underground (Michael Ernest): This one?

Casting Crowns (Mark Hall): Yes this one by far. It’s new. It is definitely a favorite for me. The songs are diverse. I feel like we hit — I try to hit all of the things that people are going through right now. I feel like it’s well-rounded musically and sonically.

The Underground (Michael Ernest): What is different about “Thrive” compared to Casting Crowns’ previous records?

Casting Crowns (Mark Hall): Our theme has always been discipleship, which is sharing the gospel to believers and challenging them to walk deeper in a relationship with Jesus to reach the world. So, as we challenge believers, we give them a picture of a tree with roots that dig deep. So, when you see the “Thrive” tree, you see digging deep to know Him. What we’ve done is make songs about digging deep and getting into God’s word and knowing Him more…songs about using gifts and getting involved in other’s lives and sharing the gospel with the world.

The Underground (Michael Ernest): Did you or the band members feel any weight or pressure to make an album that will live up to the standard the other records?

Casting Crowns (Mark Hall): Always. Everyone wants to be liked. We all want people to like our music. It’s funny sometimes when people will come up to me and say, “Man I love all your songs, but your second record is my favorite.” It is definitely a compliment, but at the same time you’re like — what about “The Altar and the Door” or “Until the Whole World Hears?” We always want the newest record to be everyone’s favorite, but at the same time [we can’t complain].

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