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Casting call for several new characters on 'True Blood'

"True Blood" has announced their casting call for new characters for their final season. Season seven is set to focus on the question as to if humans and vampires can really get along. It appears that the focus this las season is on love and tying up loose ends of stoies.

Cast of True Blood
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The writers have promised that this last season will focus on the main characters and slim down the storylines to focus on closing the show. And it looks like they are focusing on the central characters and their relationships as a closing story for the show.

Here are the official casting calls:

  • Jerome - a Hep-V-infected vampire in his 30s to 40s, Jerome is strong and aggressive. The character will lift a woman into the air and take off. The role is a co-starring one.
  • Lou - a blue-collar worker in his 20s. A member of Vince’s vigilante group, he’ll be going on patrol in a group and is aggressive, not dangerous. The role of Lou is recurring.
  • Mack - an angry member of Vince’s vigilante group. The role of Mack is recurring.
  • Nizor - a Persian vampire in his late 30s to early 50s. A patron at the Moroccan bar, he’s involved in the game of Russian roulette and “derives courage and comfort from his faith in Allah.” The role of Nizar will be played by a guest-starring actor.
  • Ronnie - a vampire in his 20s who is tall and dangerous and “devours humans.” The role is a recurring co-starring one.
  • Sara Compton - Sara Compton is the 5-year-old daughter of Bill Compton and Caroline Compton. Bill’s young daughter will be seen in a flashback to 1862, but she will not speak in the episode. The role is a recurring co-starring one.
  • Sylvie- The woman is beautiful, French and speaks the language fluently. She’ll be sticking around for a little while as a love interest of Eric's, and she'll have some full frontal nudity scenes.
  • Vince - a burly man in his 40s. A “rabid anti-vampire vigilante,” Vince is also a tea partyer who has political visions. The role of Vince will be that of a guest star or recurring character.
  • Young Sookie - a 10-year-old version of Sookie.
  • Young Tara - a 10-year-old version of Tara. The character will be seen in a flashback “having a nice moment with her friend, young Sookie.” The role is a co-starring one.

So, are you ready for June when "True Blood" sill return for its last season?

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