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Casting call for new HGTV series Montana Living: Want to live in a barn or silo?

HGTV to feature Montana Living series.
HGTV to feature Montana Living series.
Ginny Foley of Flathead

Georgia farmers know all about barns and silos, but if they ever wanted to live in one in the great land of Montana, now is there chance thanks to HGTV, who is issuing a casting call this week for their new series "Montana Living," according to the Helena Independent Record.

Producers of the show are looking for out-of-state buyers, and that is where Georgians come into the picture. If you have ever wanted the chance to have a barn or silo or hunting lodge fixed up the way you would want it to be in order to live in it, then now's your chance to have local Montana professionals to do it for you.

Local real estate agents in the state will be used to locate such properties for the series, while designers with the knack for "rustic elegance" will be sought to help spruce them up once found. And Montana artisans and architects will join in to make sure it all happens the way it should.

All you have to do is reach out to say you are interested in participating and can purchase a property there once it is found. Flathead Valley to southwestern Montana are the areas expected to be represented in this new HGTV Montana Living series, and filming is expected to begin as soon as the cast has been selected.

If you don't have the money to make such a purchase right now, but you would love to get in on this new show opportunity, then be sure to enter the Publishers Clearing House $1 million a year forever sweepstakes through February 20, as they will be awarding that prize on Feb. 28. And who knows, you just might win it, and then you could have a Montana barn or silo home too. To answer this Montana Living casting call for HGTV contact the production company at